Thursday, October 7, 2010

Movement Drill

(Possible for Novice as well)

This drill is a perfect way to get the concept down of the form for the forehand swing.
  • What you will do first is stand close to the net
  • Be in a defensive stance.
  • Put the racket in your dominant hand
  • Hold the racket in a slant (diagonal angle)
  • Bounce the tennis ball in front of you so it bounces back up at waist height
  • Start with the tennis racket low and then Hit the tennis ball while holding your racket in a diagonal angle  ( like your skimming the tennis ball) over the net
  • Follow through with the racket high across your body
  • Continue this motion until you have the concept down of how your form should be while performing a forehand swing.

Muscle Target
  • Your legs ( Quadriceps,Calves,) because while standing in defensive stance for a good amount of time your legs will build up muscle.
  • The Major adductor muscles (Sternal Pectoralis Major, Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Major) of the shoulder will be affected because while swinging the tennis racket in a horizontal adduction rotation continously will build up muscle with addition to hitting an object with force continously will also help build up muscle in the shoulder.

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