Sunday, November 21, 2010

Movement Drill #2

Drill Movement -Chest Flys
  • For these chest flys, you will first start off with preferrable weight for your convience
  • Start by adjusting the weight by putting them to the bottom lever of the machine.
  • Take both handles by flexing your left and right hand around the handle
  • Take your right leg and step in front of you in the sagittal plane to maintain balance
  • Take your left and right arm when holding the handles and lift upwards simultaneously towards eachother in Anterior view. Continue this with 3 reps of 15 while every rep add 5 pounds.
  • The Second step, take the weights and move it to the middle lever of the machine
  • Make sure your balanced by placing your right leg in front of you in the sagittal plane
  • Simultaneously again push the arms together in front (Anterior)of you while having your arms mostly extended.
  • Continue this process with 3 reps of 15 but every rep add 5 pounds.
  • The Third Step, Adjust the weights by putting them on the top lever of the machine
  • Making sure your balance, place your right leg in front (Anterior)of you in the sagittal plane
  • Simultaneously again pull down with arms in extension motion
  • Your hands should meet down in front of your Pelvic Girdle
  • Continue this motion for 3 reps of 15, and again each rep add 5 pounds.
Muscle Target
  • The Chest Flys will target the chest (Pectoralis Major) and the shoulder muscles (Anterior Deltoid and Coracobrachialis) in reason because the motion of this exercise is horizontal adductor just like the forehand tennis swing.
  • This exercise will help the performance of the swing because this exercise will build up muscle in the proper places of what is used during the forehand swing.
  • When the muscle builds up, it will help increase the force of the tennis ball being hit, along with decrease of injury to the shoulder muscle.

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