Sunday, November 21, 2010

Movement Drill #3

Ab Work Out
  • For this drill you will take a 10lb or 15 lb or lighter due to your preference
  • Sit down or your Gluteus Maximus (preferrably on a mat)
  • Your arms in the flexion position while holding the weight
  • Hold the weight against your sternum
  • Bend in your knees to your chest
  • Balance on your Gluteus Maximus to where you back is in a diagonal position
  • Rotate your abs back and forth(left to right)( keep your abs tightend at all times)
  • When you rotate to your right, your knees should be pointing to the left (to maintain balance)
  • When you rotate to your left your knees should be pointing towards the right
  • You should do 3 sets of 15, 15= back and forth(right and left) rotation of abs =1

Muscle Target
This work out will help the performance due to the fact this work out targets your abs.
While you participate in the forehand swing a lot of the force will come from your abs when you twist to hit the ball. If you build up muscle in your abs the more force you can put into the swing which will help increase the tennis ball speed while going over the net to your opponent.

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